It is with great pleasure and a huge honor for me to be able to introduce the world of Boogiezone and Boogiezone Utopia to you today. For nearly 16 years our company, which started solely because of the pure passion and love for dance, has grown into a phenomenon that has touched and inspired a global community of artists!

Boogiezone has stood the test of time, and has evolved from a simple discussion based web forum into a mega dance community whose culture is very much alive. In addition to producing global showcases in countries like the United States, Australia, Japan and Singapore, our “community” dance class approach has been implemented into at most 15 other cities around the world. The progression continues…

Today, our mission to truly connect the global dance community has been further realized with the opening and establishment of Boogiezone Utopia – Laboratory for the Creative Arts in Torrance, CA (2011). As a result of this new opportunity we are discovering more ways to bridge the cultural and creative gap between our diverse communities. It seems, the floodgates of possibility are wide open.

I can only continue to imagine the fathomless depths of potential that await us at every bend and turn along this journey. I am so excited that you are considering joining us at this critical point in our evolution as a business. At your convenience, take your time in exploring the many facets of Boogiezone. It is my wish that you gain a clearer understanding of who we are, and most importantly, why we continue to do what we do.


Elm Pizarro
Boogiezone Utopia


Born and raised in Seattle Washington, Elm Pizarro is an accomplished artist in every sense of the word. After graduating from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, Elm moved to Southern California primarily to advance his architecture career…