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A new era is emerging. A social movement garnered by dancers of all styles and backgrounds and a growing interest in all things related to dance by fans of every age around the globe. Thanks to the media, television shows like “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Dancing with the Stars,” dance inspired commercials, and movies like “Step Up,” dance is reaching a broader audience. Similarly, the internet has allowed us all to reach areas of the world where dance does not readily exist.

On the forefront of this new movement is Boogiezone.com – YOUR online dance community connection! First established in 2003, Boogiezone is known by thousands worldwide for offering a place where aspiring and professional dancers, choreographers, dance groups, and the fans that love them come to meet, greet, inspire, be inspired, network and build relationships in the process.

A few years ago the concept of “Community” as it relates to the dance scene was unheard of. Now, Boogiezone is responsible for bringing groves of dancers together, known by many worldwide as the most active online dance community to join. The idea of Boogiezone and the massive grass roots movement which emerged from it has already influenced the way the entertainment industry runs and behaves.

Simply imagine a communication hub that bridges the gap between aspiring and professional dancers and enthusiasts around the world. That is Boogiezone. The internet hotspot whose unique positive and family vibe goes unmatched by any who attempt to recreate it. Together, we represent a fresh, new, web community comprised of passionate people, ready to take dance to the next level.

Boogiezone has thousands of registered members, with thousands upon thousands visiting our pages every month looking for dance encouragement, entertainment, and information. As a result our reputation and community continues to grow at a remarkable rate. The attention we have received has enabled us to produce countless dance workshops and Intensives like Boogiezone University, theatrical shows like “Eve – Dawn of a New Horizon,” global showcases like “United We Boogie” in Los Angeles, Japan, and Singapore, sponsor the largest dance competitions like “Hip Hop International,” shows like ‘Groovaloo’, work with the largest dance conventions like “Monsters of Hip Hop” and partner with movie powerhouses like Lionsgate Films and Sony Pictures. We are also supported by the industry’s top talent agencies, major dance studios, dance groups and countless choreographers to the stars. Our network is vast, and in this vastness lies the underlying power of Boogiezone.