Do you think you are ready to join us? We are currently getting ready for a major audition. If you are serious go to the www.developingnextartist.com website and submit your materials now! Let’s take your artistic journey to the next level shall we?


We are on a worldwide search to for new and emerging artists in the following disciplines.  We will use social media to find the artists, and will conduct online competitions, host auditions, and scout for various talent to develop:

  • Singers

  • Song Writers

  • Dancers

  • Choreographers

  • Directors

  • Music Producers

  • Composers

  • Instrumentalists

  • Graphic Designers

  • Film Maker

  • Videographers

  • Photographers

  • Hair Stylists

  • Make Up Artists

  • Event Producers

  • Talent Managers

  • Actors


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DNA: is a molecule that carries most of the genetic instructions used in the development, functioning and reproduction of all known living organisms. DNA is a nucleic acid; alongside proteins and carbohydrates, nucleic acids compose the three major macromolecules essential for all known forms of life.


Developing Next Artist - DNA is a FREE program that allows emerging artists across a wide variety of disciplines to explore, exercise, and exchange their craft with one another. Through extensive collaboration, and the process of creation, DNA provides all of the tools and resources needed to jumpstart your artistic journey. This is the break you’ve been dreaming about, the opportunity and platform for you to finally express yourself!  Ready to discover your passion, fine-tune your talent and share with the world?

Established by Boogiezone in 2015, Developing Next Artist - DNA is a one of a kind program that allows emerging artists across a wide variety of disciplines to explore, exercise, and exchange their craft. Through extensive collaboration, and the process of creation, this program provides the opportunity and platform for artists to express themselves freely. This allows them to create amazing pieces of work through which real-time experience is gained, knowledge is learned, and passion is shared!


DNA provides the tools needed to support an innovative execution of the arts; from photography to film, music to dance, planning to production, art to design and more. We build teams that work together to support the highest level of each craft. Ultimately, our goal is to produce pieces of work that are succinct and artistically sound. These workings are now useable thereafter to propel every Artist involved to their NEXT level within their craft.


1.  Create a force to be reckoned with, a storehouse of DNA branded Artists who are recognized for their talent.

2.  Establish a positively charged, and nurturing environment for one to discover, experiment and explore their craft.

3.  Push innovation.  Create a unique training ground for emerging Artists that goes unmatched by any other.

4.  Create a memorable experience for the Artist that is based upon creative collaboration and progression through real time events.  Our motto, “Process is Everything!”

5.  Present opportunities for an Artist to share their artistry with audiences on a local, national and global scale.

6.  Equip Artists with the necessary tools and resources they desire in order to achieve maximum personal success.

7.  Build a support network around one another. By banding together, we will heighten our own individual artistic journeys and support one another as a collective brand.

8.  Educate and raise one another’s level of awareness of all things related to perfecting our craft, our art and our life.

9.  Create a continual cycle of inspiration that feeds into itself that eventually grows beyond our existence, leaving a legacy that paves the way for future generations to come.

10.  Impact our world in such way that is meaningful, purposeful, and intentional.


This program requires (6) full months of dedication.  You are evaluated at the six month mark and new members can also be added to the program.  We audition (2) two times a year.  Our year begins in June/July. In January we consider Mid-Year Auditions.


We conduct our program seasons in 6 month periods or “Episodes.” On an annual basis, we audition in January and in July. Because our program is offered entirely for FREE, space is limited. As much as we would like to accommodate everybody we cannot. Therefore, we are most interested in working with passionate and hungry artists who are ready to take their craft to the next level. The most that we will expect from you is your absolute best - your dedication and commitment to our program process, members, rehearsals and events.

  • We meet every Sunday from 6:30pm to 10:30pm in Torrance

  • Alot can happen in a four hour time span, small group work, large group rehearsals, personal time to develop a specific project. The point is you will do it in a super energized space that will motivate and support your process.

  • Every episode is different, and is guided by opportunities that present themselves and also the needs of our artists. One day we are learning Music Theory, another day collaborating on a stage show, or shooting a music video on location.

  • You will be sure to gain a better understanding of yourselves as you relate to other artists and the world. Give your talent the chance it needs, join us today!

  • We request that you be at least 18 years of age or older and have a reliable form of transportation.


This is a Free Program.

  • 1.5 Hours of Seminar Learning and Dancing for 10 weeks on a Saturday with a qualified, experienced professional instructor.

  • Ten additional 75 minutes of class during the week by a beginning instructor of your choice! Will easily fit into your busy schedule! As we have tons of classes to choose from.


Gain real time backup dancer experience by working up close and personal with our emerging music artists and professional team. Rehearse with the artist, perform, tour, and more! DNA – Developing Next Artist is the first and only program that allows artists to develop one another through the process of collaboration. We EMERGE together! This is the next level for our Community, your chance to be a part of something bound for greatness.

  • Fill out the Inquiry form (to the left), and we will respond via email very soon.

  • Simply come into Boogiezone Utopia during operating hours and register at the front desk in person.

  • Please arrive 15 minutes before your first class.

  • Interested? See Front Desk and/or leave your name on the inquiry form. For more information follow @developingnextartist on Instragram.

  • Best yet, speak to Elmboogie Direct!

Email elmboogie@boogiezoneutopia.com

or call 949-742-3567 for questions.