Conduct is the Cornerstone upon which we are building our culture here at Boogiezone Utopia. All whom enter our doors we consider you an immediate participant, & Boogiezone Utopia expects everyone to demonstrate a willingness to adhere to our fundamental guidelines.

As all whom comprise every aspect of Boogiezone Utopia, we exist cohesively as a vibrant community of people who have a high regard for each other, arts enrichment, and the value of the work we do. In correlation we believe that ethics – moral principles, standard practices, and even etiquette – are important elements we look to instill & impart in our Patron & Guest experience.

In order to provide a safe and enjoyable Boogiezone Utopia experience for all guests & patrons. Boogiezone Utopia expressly advises appropriate behavior does not include fighting, harassment, offending others or provoking confrontations or disruptive conduct of any nature. Please follow this Expectation of Patron & Guest Conduct. If you do not, please keep in mind we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time. You may also be subject to prosecution for violation of applicable laws or ordinances.

Expectations of Conduct:

1. AT ALL TIMES BE RESPECTFUL & PROFESSIONAL PERIOD TO ALL YOU INTERACT WITH ON OUR PREMISES. Please no using obscene or offensive language and gestures.

2. Lend to a positive experience of the class you’re taking, being mindful to remain courtesy, on time, and encouraging to those around you. If you are renting space for any reason please be mindful of all guests under your rental as they will be expected to adhere to these guidelines. Safety is a priority of all in our facility so please have any children or minors supervised.

3. Please observe our residential surroundings, to be mindful of no loitering in the back parking lot after classes. No loud music after 10:30pm. *(Parking is not permitted within the restaurant stalls adjacent to our facility.) When Boogiezone Utopia is closed, please leave. Unauthorized vehicles parked overnight may be towed at the owner’s expense.

4. We do not permit weapons, alcohol, illegal drugs, or smoking of any kind on or near our premises & do not recommend such activities near our residential surroundings.

5. There is a No Touching Policy at Boogiezone Utopia. Artists should not touch other Artists, or any members of Boogiezone Utopia’s Staff for any reason, without verbal agreement, unless necessary to perform a teamwork-oriented exercise or progress a lesson, class, or rehearsal with appropriate intention.

6. Please treat all equipment and facility with care & do not damage, alter, remove or modify any of our electrical systems at ANY TIME.

7. Registered Animals on our premises only, such as a Seeing Eye dog.

8. We do not allow children and/or minors to be left unattended on the premises after school & operation hours.

9. Please practice good hygiene – practice the “look good, smell good, feel good idea.” As you are sharing a common space, though you may have your own personal hygiene habits, we expect that you will conduct appropriate care to your body that does not become offensive or detracting from the experience of others of our facility.

10. No solicitation on our premises without Boogiezone Utopia approval.

Our commitment to our patrons & guests is that we promote and support creating a uniquely comfortable, safe and relaxed environment. This philosophy is something we apply to individuals of all ages, disciplines, & enrichment endeavors to facilitate in the development of their craft. Boogiezone Utopia is a place to find passion, inspiration, & encouragement safely, so we expect all who enter our doors to lend to this expressed endeavor.

Please report strange visitors, activity or sights to Boogiezone Utopia Management. Any other concerns or questions regarding Boogiezone Utopia Expectation of Conduct please call the Boogiezone INC offices at (310) 320-4386 or email