1. The Accomodations:
    Stay in our on-site dormitory. It sleeps 21 people. Wake up and dance. Literally!

  2. The Daily Classes:
    You get access to all of the training that our studio provides. Take from 35 teachers and choose from over 50 different classes each week!

  3. Rehearse with Top Choreographers:

    We only bring in the best and most notable. How about spending 2.5 hrs with your favorite choreographer? You get to know them and see how they rehearse!

  4. The Masterclasses :

    We bring in (3) Master teachers who will train you in specific funk styles disciplines.

  5. The Workshop Opportunity:
    Do you feel ready to teach a class? You just might get the chance if you win Choreography Island!

  6. Tour Los Angeles:
    You can choose to visit a popular L.A. Dance Studio, or go to a theme park or shop until you drop!

  7. The Photoshoot:

    Learn how to take photos and come away with some brand new head shots!

  8. The Mock Audition:

    Want to learn how it feels to audition for a real judges panel? This is the closest thing you’ll get to a professional Industry audition, look at it like your final exam.

  9. Certificate of Completion:
    Show something for what you’ve done, we celebrate you in your own ceremony and banquet and give you something to take home to remember your experience by.

  10. Build a Family!

    Make long lasting friendships with dancers from around the globe! Trust us, this experience brings you so close to others, its a bond that will never be broken!


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Are you the next “X?” BZX - Boogiezone Exchange, or BZX, is a 3-week long international exchange dance program focused on bringing passionate dancers together from all over the globe direct to the hub of the Boogiezone Dance Community - Boogiezone Utopia – Laboratory for the Creative Arts located in Southern California, USA! This summer there are 2 Waves back to back to back! Choose 1 or both! Each one is different!

Dancers who are selected to participate in BZX will take part in creating a once in a lifetime dance experience by exchanging culture, art, ideas, and their love and passion for dance. Get the TOTAL Southern California dance community experience by living and training daily at Boogiezone Utopia! 

In addition to all of the classes the Boogiezone will offer, you will get the chance to take classes at some of Los Angeles’ most esteemed studios, attend local Southern California events and gatherings, meet and get one-on-one mentoring by dance community/industry role models, rehearse and prepare for a group and solo video project, learn how to market yourself as a professional dancer, tour theme parks and shopping hotspots, and best of all, make a bunch of friends and have a whole lot of fun in the process! 

Since 2003 – Boogiezone has been the global dance community leader. Our mission is to bridge dancers from all over the world together through their common passion and love for dance and creativity. Now, with BZX the concept of dancing abroad has heightened to the next level. Are you ready for BZX – Boogiezone Xchange? 


WAVE 14: JULY 11, 2019 TO AUGUST 1, 2019

  • Teej Medallo, Mikey Dellavella, Kolanie Marks, Julian Deguzman

WAVE 15: AUGUST 8, 2019 TO AUGUST 29, 2019

  • Brian Puspos, Danyel Moulton, Anthony Vibal, Honoka Moriyama


The cost of BZX does not include airfare from your country to the USA, food and snacks, shopping, entry into classes or workshops in Los Angeles, or any tourist spots. Ground transportation provided to and from airport and for structured BZX sightings only.

This program is for students 18yo. Some exceptions apply with parent/guardian approval.

NOTE: Once your admission application is received we will review it. Should you be selected we will then issue you a request for payment.



Compare this experience to other recognizable exchange programs and intensives. Hands down, for what you receive and for what is provided, BZX is an amazing deal! We've decided to make BZX 2019 more affordable to you.  Forget the early bird special, do you want to come to BZX? Well here is your chance.  One price for all ( Domestic or International).  There is a $500 Non-Refundable Deposit required to hold your slot which will be applied to your tuition.  Payment plans are available. Submit your application now!.





  • Are you ready  to submit your application for consideration? Space is limited at BZX, so put together your best work and make sure you include everything that is required before hitting send!  We are so happy you've decided to take this giant step forward towards discovering your personal dance journey!  Good Luck!

  • Go to and fill out the student application! It’s Easy!

  • Text 949-742-3567 for questions or Email


“Just got home, and my dad asks me what I accomplished in LA. I don’t even know where to begin. My answer for the time being was “Lots and lots of dancing...”, but it was so much more than that. So many connections, so many memories and so many accomplishments in my life both externally and internally. Sure there was a ton of dancing, but I grew so much more in a way the outside world may not be able to see immediately.”
— Ijay Espinosa