1. Learn how to be an active Student while taking class. What instruction to listen for, look for, and how to digest the choreography given to you. Do you want to learn how to pick up moves faster? We can help!

  2. Learn body awareness, through simple exercises that focus on body mechanics, strength, positioning and more!

  3. How to look more natural while dancing. Grooving is key and Elmboogie is a master. No more awkwardness!

  4. Begin to understand how to count music and what to listen for while you dance.

  5. Get the basics down, and build from there, until you are actually getting sequences of steps down! This class will go at a smooth, comfy pace. Our mantra is "No one left behind!"

  6. Learn how to dance in relation to space and others. Where you stand effects your perspective and therefore your learning ability. Do you want to know what it's like to be a part of a team and work in formation?

  7. Take it across the floor! Learn how to put your dance in motion with this fun high energy exercise.

  8. How to understand a combination, and the best way to approach a sequence of steps

  9. How to feel and act the part so that you can perform with confidence! At sessions end you get the opportunity for you to perform in front of your friends and family.

  10. Experience this amazing program in a safe, comfortable and supportive environment. Make new friends and become a part of the Boogiezone 4 Beginners dance family!


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Have you always wanted to get yourself into a Hip Hop class but felt unsure about how to do it? Do you wish you could step into a dance class without any fear or hesitation? In just 10 short weeks, you can gain a better understanding of how the body moves, and learn not only how to dance, but gain confidence and knowledge. Oh yes! And it's fun and a great way to make new friends! Build character, charisma and confidence in the process! This fun, engaging program is now offered in two levels - Step 1 for dancers who are absolute beginners and have no or little experience at all and Step 2 for those students looking for a more moderate pace of learning and faster progression! This tuition based program is open Teens and Adults ages 13 and up (some exceptions apply, inquire within). See you on the floor!

NEW! We now have a program designed just for kids (4-12)!


10 WEEK COURSES (2 Levels to Choose From)

  • Step 1: For inexperienced beginners, who want a start in Hip Hop.

  • Step 2: For more experience dancers looking for fine-tuning, feedback, accelerated growth! For Intermediate dancers wanting advanced level training.

All students will get (1.5) one and a half hours of structured time learning Boogiezone 4 Beginners concepts and curriculum from the Creator of Boogiezone, Elm Pizarro an international instructor who has over 25 years of teaching and directing in the entertainment industry. Over the course of 10 weeks, and in addition to the (15) hours of total seminar time meeting each Saturday, each student will get to take one other regularly scheduled class of their choice during the middle of the week.

5 WEEK COURSES (2 Age groups to Choose From)

  • Ages 4-6: For babies that like to boogie, learn to dance in a fun an interactive way through games and more.

  • Ages 7-12: For older kids who want to learn how to explore movement, music, and dance in an engaging, supportive environment.

Are you Looking for a great way to get your kid moving and grooving to the beat? We are currently enrolling students for Boogiezone 4 Beginners kids! This amazing 5 week introduction to hip hop program is designed for young ones ages 4-7 and 7-12! Instructed by Luna, you can be sure your little one will have the best time learning to dance!


This 10 Week course is offered throughout the year, the next session begins: 

JULY 13, 2019

Seminar Class is held every Saturday. Times vary per level.

  • Teen/Adult Step 1 (13-Up): 1:30pm to 3:00pm [90 MINS]

  • Teen/Adult Step 2 (13-Up): 3:30pm to 5:00pm [90 MINS]

This 5 Week course is offered throughout the year, the next session begins: 

JULY 13, 2019

Seminar Class is held every Saturday. Times vary per age group.

  • Kids Ages 4-6YO: 12:00pm to 1:00pm [60 MINS]

  • Kids Ages 7-12YO: 10:30am to 11:45am [75 MINS]


We invite dancers of all ages with little or no experience who just want to learn how to get down with their bad selves for whatever reason. Want to go pro, want to be on a dance team, want something fun and recreational to do?  Do you want to make friends, or need a fun activity that will give you more confidence and energy?

If you have little to no Hip Hop experience, and/or want to brush up on some basics, or need some foundation for class taking in your life, this program is also great for you!

  • Those Under 18 will need parents written permission.

  • Must be able to commit to the seminar sessions each Saturday. We can be flexible around your schedule, just let us know how we can help you!


What you will get as a Boogiezone 4 Beginners Student:

  • 1.5 Hours of Seminar Learning and Dancing for 10 weeks on a Saturday with a qualified, experienced professional instructor.

  • Ten additional 75 minutes of class during the week by a beginning instructor of your choice! Will easily fit into your busy schedule! As we have tons of classes to choose from.

10 Weeks of Instruction, 30 Hours Total = $250

What you will get as a Boogiezone 4 Beginners Student:

  • Between 60-75 Minutes of Seminar Learning and Dancing for 5 weeks on a Saturday with a qualified, experienced professional instructor.

  • Sorry, this program does not come with additional classes as a part of its package but you are welcome to attend any as you see fit.

5 Weeks of Instruction = $99


  • Fill out the Inquiry form (to the left), and we will respond via email very soon.

  • Simply come into Boogiezone Utopia during operating hours and register at the front desk in person.

  • Please arrive 15 minutes before your first class.

  • Interested? See Front Desk and/or leave your name on the inquiry form. For more information follow @boogiezone and @boogiezoneutopia on Instagram.

  • Best yet, speak to Luna or Elmboogie Direct!

    Call or Text 310-320-4386 Ask for Luna or Email