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1. First and Foremost, just come on in.

There are no contracts or hidden expectations. We give you the platform and space and freedom to get what you need!

2. We are only about inspiring you.

We will help you discover your passion, and are here to encourage you be a better creative you! Come as you are.

3. You can be any age from 4-99.

We offer classes for all ages young and old. You can be someone’s brother, sister, dad, or grand mother. It simply doesn’t matter because at Boogiezone Utopia everyone belongs!

4. Dance to your heart’s content, our classes are open level.

Your level of comfort is important to us! However, if you have zero to no experience, but are brave enough dive into an advanced course you can! It’s simple. No matter what level you THINK you are, you are welcome to take whichever class pushes you and challenges your potential for growth and learning.

5. The freedom to express.

When it comes to music selection, for classes denoted “Kids” or offered specifically to an age group under 18, you will be sure to get clean, family safe music. For all other classes, the music selection is chosen at the discretion of the instructor.

6. Our Refund Policy.

Sorry there are absolutely no refunds. We are very reasonable however and on a case by case basis would be glad to help offer alternate options! Please let us know how we can satisfy your needs.

7. Our staff is dedicated and committed to helping you.

Do Still have questions or unsure of what to do next? Feel free to stop by the front desk or call us. We are super uber friendly and informative!


Boogiezone serves and positively impacts the community through its dance classes and innovative programs. We believe that as a community, we can continue to educate and inspire people through dance and the creative arts. Boogiezone needs your support to help its physical location Boogiezone Utopia become THE center for passionate artists and students to gather, create and learn. We thank you in advance for being a part of this cause. Click the CONTRIBUTE button below to get more information.