BZ HS is a program that uses dance to facilitate the growth and development of interpersonal & leadership skills among high school students. By canvasing the local South Bay area the BZ HS program opens it’s doors to all local high school students whom seek arts enrichment with an emphasis on the hip hop dance discipline. The program not only incorporates dance, but also teaches academic studies, current event & social climate issues. This is designed to reinforce participating students abilities to better increase their odds of ideal post secondary education through creating opportunities to engage critical & cognitive thinking/reasoning . Typical outcomes within the program are 1st hand to be seen that students going in and exiting are found to be confident, approachable, self-aware, & their sense of obligation to their collective communities/families advancement/betterment is actualized. BZ HS is here to create the next generation of innovators, community leaders, & humanitarians.

The program is directed by Boogiezone Veteran Alexis Avila & Tricycle Learning Founder Chris Yco.

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  1. Hey im just wondering if this BZHS program is competitive or just show case fun . Im 15 and love to dance i go to torrance high and love to dance. I have danced for 6 years and looking to expand out!

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