Boogiezone Utopia – Laboratory for the Creative Arts is in the process of developing tons of new programs that will require some amazing energy and talented passionate teachers to help fulfill the vision! Have you ever thought of conducting your own weekly dance class? Well here is your chance! For over 10 years, World Renown Boogiezone has nurtured so many wonderful artists’ careers, given many a supportive and encouraging starting point to launch their dreams, and most importantly – connected and inspired thousands upon thousands of dancers around the globe! Now, you can become an integral part of this amazing cycle of passion and growth! We are looking for experienced and reliable teachers in various disciplines and for students who vary in age and possess a broad range of experience levels of dance! What do you teach? A Funk Style like Breakin’, Ballet Technique, Contemporary, Fitness, Hip Hop or other? Do you have the time and dedication to commit to some hungry students? Well, we want to hear from you! Interested? Simply Email me your Resume and/or Bio, a headshot (Does not need to be professional), and a couple of video Links to elmboogie@boogiezoneutopia.com with subject “Teachers Wanted!” NOTE: There is no deadline. However, available Class slots are limited, and will fill up fast! Contact us today! Looking forward to hearing from you! Elmboogie Creative Director/Owner Boogiezone Utopia – Laboratory for the Creative Arts

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  1. Hey!!

    my name is Macolm Messado, i am 22 years old, and i am a professional dancer who is Currently a full member of ACTRA, living in toronto, and moving to Los Angeles further my dance and teaching career. i will be in LA from around July 17-August 22 2015 and I’m hoping to teach a boogiezone workshop while I’m there. i was wondering if you have any available class slots within that timeframe.


    Malcolm is a alumni dancer for OIP dance company and the leader of the crew 8th union. 8th Union Crew is a union of dancers who train in a variety of styles, but are also united by their different cultures and backgrounds. Malcolm has qualified to represent Canada at the 2011 UDO championships in the UK and has also auditioned for Canada’s Got Talent and SYTYCD canada.

    Malcolm has worked for Artist such as En Vogue, Ariana Grande, Avril Lavigne, Anastasia A, Classified, Electric Ave, Rebel Coast, Meaghen smith , Thugli, Cascada, and Audio Playground as well as Industrials for Ytv, Lifetime, Much Music/M3, Ctv, Raptors, Rogers, Spotify, Monsters of hip hop, and TIFF. His choreography has been featured in shows like jhha cup challenge, OIP’s the ring, WOD Toronto, two worlds apart charity showcase, Monsters of Hip-Hop, and The Bazaar and has been recognized by choreographers such as Michael Jackson immortal tour director Mike Cameron and Tre Armstrong. He has recently join the cast apprenticeship program directed by Danny Davalos and Angela Mahoney. Malcolm has trained and worked with Lenny Len, Danny Davalos, Andrew Pyro Chung, Mariano Abarca, Jerome freshFX Villa, Tre Armstrong, Anthony Patrick Smith and much more.

    Attached is my resume and headshot. Also here is a link to my Demo Reel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oat26oE3Kes

    as well as some of my class footage:

    Thanking you for your time and i’m excited to hear back!
    Sincerely Yours

    Malcolm Messado
    8th Union

    • Hi Malcolm,

      Thank you for your interest in teaching at Boogiezone Utopia. We will be in contact with you very shortly.

      Boogiezone Utopia

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