Focus Dance Center

Focus Dance Center in Irvine, California hosts the Boogiezone Community Class weekly featuring some of the top names in the dance industry.

The following is their mission statement as outlined on their website at

Welcome to FOCUS Dance Center

Here you will find:

Something for everyone from Beginner to Professional.

Highly Qualified Instructors from the professional dance industry.

Spacious State-of-the-Art Dance Rooms in the heart of Irvine.

A Full-Service Schedule to suit all levels and ages – from 2 to 102.

Junior, Teen, and Senior “In-FOCUS” Dance Companies.

A strong Ballet Program led by Top Ballet Masters.

Performance Level Classes for Advanced and Professional Dancers

Special Programs and Celebrity Guest Instructors.

FOCUS – Dance Center for the Performing Arts will hold a rare commitment to the talent, passion and integrity of our students. Our goal is to reach and maintain a strong balance between the Art of dance the Entertainment of dance. Every student will be given the opportunity to unite in a healthy community, creating an environment supportive of values, recognition and positive reinforcement.

FOCUS is focused on the development of the full artistic potential of every student. This will be achieved through a strong foundation of technical training originating from a solid Ballet Program, driven by a proven leader in the dance community. Through discipline and encouragement, FOCUS will guide and mold each student with a personal touch. With a concentration on promoting self-confidence, teamwork and a passion for the arts, the team at FOCUS will always strive for bringing out the greatest potential living within every child. FOCUS will provide a positive atmosphere for students to join together and study the technical skills of dance – all the while creating treasured memories and life-long friends.

These are the traits that set us apart from the rest of the dance world.

FOCUS Dance Center… “Setting our sights on the dancer within.”

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