Creative Partners

Boogiezone Utopia has creative partnerships with the following organizations:

Boogiezone Beyond

Boogiezone Beyond is the Non-Profit Umbrella that houses’s physical dance companies. Boogiezone Armada, Breed – Adult Professional Exhibition Dance Company, Offspring – Jr. Exhibition Dance Company, Entity – Ultra Contemporary Dance Company and Baneful Brew.

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Culture Shock

We are so thrilled and honored to have the entire CSLA family become a part of the BZ Utopia Dance Family! Be on the look out for tons of new programs and events they will be helping to bring to the studio!

Culture Shock Los Angeles strives to educate its dancers, students and audiences on the rich cultural history of Hip-Hop and its relation to other art forms. Culture Shock LA’s education programs bring low and no-cost dance and urban arts instruction to children and adults at school and community center sites throughout Los Angeles County.

Culture Shock LA dance workshops use a California standards-based curriculum and are designed with the intent to foster the development of effective learning and life-skills through meaningful, interactive arts experiences.

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Old School Kenpo Karate

Learn Practical, Streetwise Self-Defense in a focused, Friendly Atmosphere.

Classes for Adults and Kids!

Chinese Kenpo Karate is an effective and versatile form of self-defense. Combining precision body movements and dance-like fluidity with mental toughness and streetwise self-defense, Kenpo provides a practical response to virtually any physical encounter.

Studio owners and instructors Jennifer Thomas and Bill Hayes care deeply about each student’s physical and mental growth. Diverse, intimate classes offer both individual attention and dynamic group interaction, to help each student reach his or her full potential.


“My mom and I took this course together & it gave both peace of mind as I left for college.”

“The teachers are sincere and extremely skilled.”

Class space very limited!

SIGN UP NOW for one of our upcoming seminars!

For more information on kid’s and adult karate, or self-defense classses, please call or e-mail us or visit our website.

COST: Only $95/month, for unlimited classes!

Call us for FREE lesson!



Rina Orellana Flamenco Puro

MONDAYS 7-8pm | Advanced Beginner / Intermediate –

NEW choreography: ALEGRIAS

MONDAYS 8-9pm | Advanced Beginner / Intermediate –

continuing SEVILLANAS

THURSDAYS 7-8pm | Intermediate / Advanced – FOOTWORK technique & choreography

THURSDAYS 8-9pm | Advanced- CHOREOGRAPHY BOOTCAMP | learn a complete ALEGRIAS in 6 weeks. Yes, 6 weeks.

SATURDAYS 11am-12pm | Intermediate /Advanced-


SATURDAYS 12-1pm | Advanced Beginner / Intermediate-


SATURDAYS 1-2pm | BEGINNERS – CONTINUING beginner flamenco technique.
Rina Orellana is a Madrid-trained flamenco dancer and has performed with some of Spain’s most notable artist. She offers a well rounded flamenco education in technique, choreography and flamenco dynamics. She is a generous teacher imparting her her knowledge and encouraging each stu

dent to not just know steps, but to become well versed in the various components of flamenco. Her goal is to bring out thearte y aire from within each of her dancers. Ole!


1 class per week, ($17/hr)– $102

2 classes per week, ($16/hr)– $192

3 classes per week, ($15/hr)– $270

4 classes or more per week, ($8-14/hr)



Community Affiliates

1. Kinjaz
2. Academy of Villians
3. Jawbreakers
4. Soul Fresh
5. Jagged
6. Brobots
7. Starfleet
8. Sheroes
9. Vixxxens


Info coming soon!

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