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How do you know which class is most appropriate for your learning? Only you know you best, and comfort is key. Below is a guide to help you plan your dance journey. Do note that no matter what level you THINK you are, you are welcome to take whichever class pushes you and challenges your potential for growth and learning. All classes at Boogiezone Utopia are essentially OPEN LEVEL!


Our kid’s classes cater to children and teaches them a balance of letting go and being loose with their body and movements, while at the same time controlling them. Whether it is fast or slow, Hip Hop, Jazz or ballet, our kids classes create an opportunity for your child to explore movement filled with character, attitude and fun!

Super Beginning

Start here. If you have zero to no experience with dance then you are a Super Beginner. These classes introduce you to the most basic and fundamental concepts in choreography and movement. The focus and aim is mainly on body awareness and helping you to exercise muscle memory through repetition and learning short simple dance sequences. The pace the class goes is kept in time with the comfort level of the students. No one left behind!


Do you have a little bit more training under your belt, but have difficulty picking up intricate moves and sequences? Or perhaps you have a tough time remembering choreography and you forget what comes next? Get your feet wet? Beginning classes will help you expand your dance vocabulary and you will be introduced to fundamental dance lingo, terms and approach. These classes may offer similar movement you would get in an upper level type course, but delivered at a much slower and relaxed rate. More time is spent breaking down the moves and more time is spent practicing them. Our goal is to make sure that you have fun and leave feeling accomplished!


You’re moving now, and maybe have a bit more confidence with picking up the steps? Intermediate classes help you hone in on how to dance with more style, precision and confidence. Here you will be challenged with more dynamic choreographic movement, levels, tempo and ways to execute. You will learn about the different textures, colors and feelings of dance and have the opportunity to share with your dance peers in smaller groups. The focus has now shifted more so on enhancing your performance technique, teaching you how to connect to your audience, and becoming an inspiration to others through your movement.


No holds barred. Advanced classes are intended to push your artistry to the limit! Here we practice full self expression, awareness, and confidence. The movement and choreography doesn’t necessarily have to be intricate or hard. The combination you learn also doesn’t even have to be very long. What makes an advanced class “advanced” is the level of thought, focus, and attitude that is required of the students to learn in a high intensity environment. Anyone can take an advanced class if they have the mental capacity and drive for it!

Beginning Hip Hop

Beginning hip hop introduces the basic concepts in hip hop choreography and movement. If you’re a newcomer to hip hop and street styles, come catch your groove at one of our beginning hip hop classes! For more extensive training, check out our popular Boogiezone for Beginners session.

Intermediate Hip Hop

Intermediate hip hop is a step up in pace and complexity from our beginning hip hop classes, for those students who have had 1-2 years of dance training.

Advanced Hip Hop

Appropriate for students who have a mature grasp on hip hop movement and choreography. Appropriate for dancers who are looking to train competitively and professionally, or who want to push themselves to the next level!

Dance Hall Fusion

Dance Hall Fusion is a soulful, strong, and rhythmic party dance born from the dance halls of Jamaica. Using the unique sounds of Caribbean dance hall music, the class provides students the opportunity to feel the spirit in which the dance stems, while infusing dance hall inspired movement with elements of grooving and various other styles of dance. Feel alive, feel inspired, feel challenged!


Zumba blends upbeat world rhythms with easy-to-follow choreography, for a total-body workout that feels like a celebration.


GROOV3 is a high energy unique blend of Hip Hop, Pop, Funk and Groove dance class designed for all ages and levels that combines the latest dance moves with the hottest jams, creating the ultimate dance party atmosphere. GROOV3 is a celebration of dance, the movement of our bodies, and at its core, the pure joy of living. The movement is simplified, making dance accessible to everyone. Students are highly encouraged to add their individual style, so there is no limit to creative expression and certainly, never a dull moment.

Core Jazz

Core Jazz incorporates fundamental movement from Jazz, Yoga and Ballet. These work together to build a strong core and maximum stretch.  This class focuses more on exercises than combinations.  All levels are welcome.

Freestyle 101

Freestyle 101 will challenge you to expand your movement vocabulary by exploring different dance styles and music so that you can improve your own freestyle.

Jazz Funk

Jazz Funk has some jazz, some funk, a lot of style, and a lot of fun.  Choreography and emphasis on jazz or funk will vary by instructor.

Hip Hop 50+

Hip Hop 50+ is designed for people over 50 years old, who enjoy old school hip hop and M.C. Hammer type moves, but also want to get the groove and loose style of hip hop. Dance safety is emphasized such as wearing proper shoes, drinking water and stretching. The class may combine different combos from previous classes and can get very aerobic as it progresses.  People younger than 50 may participate, if they can keep up!

Intro to Michael Jackson

Intro to Michael Jackson is for Michael Jackson fans who want to learn the basics of Michael’s dance style. This class is usually taught in 3 parts: styling, sequence, and choreography. You will learn the technical aspects such as isolation, lightning fast posing with pauses and Michael’s iconic moves.  The choreography portion is taken from his videos and performances, and from flash mob versions of some dance for upcoming performances.

Ballet and Modern Ballet

Our open level ballet and modern ballet classes combine classical and modern technique and will help improve your flexibility and set the foundation for other genres.

Stretch & Conditioning

Stretch & Conditioning is a vital aspect of dance to provide the dancer with the range of motion necessary for artistic expression and injury prevention. This class will take you through effective exercises to supplement your dance training in all genres.

Turns & Technique

Turns & Technique is a technical class that focuses on jumps and turns that come from ballet, jazz and contemporary styles.

Lyrical Movement

Lyrical movement is an expressive genre of dance that focuses on control and fluidity of movement.  The choreography is often done to the lyrics of music.

Kids Hip Hop

Kids Hip Hop dance caters to children and teaches them a balance of letting go and being loose with their body and movements, while at the same time controlling them. Whether it is fast or slow, Hip Hop is a style of dance that is filled with character, attitude and fun!


Afro-Caribbean combines the liveliness of Afro-Caribbean dance with the disciplines of Horton and Dunham techniques. Stick with this class and be prepared to see improvement in your flexibility, strength and coordination.


Breakdancing uses different body movements, spins, arm movements, leg movements, all of which are done to the rhythm of hip hop music.

Belly Dance

Belly dance is primarily a torso-driven dance, with an emphasis on articulations of the hips.

Bollywood Fitness

Bollywood Fitness is a dance-fitness program that combines dynamic choreography and intensive workouts with upbeat music from around the world.


Krump is a street dance popularized in the United States that is characterized by free, expressive, exaggerated, and highly energetic movement.  Be ready to take your dancing skills to the next level with this style!

Commercial Hip Hop 

Commercial Hip Hop focuses on learning the movement style of hip-hop dance seen in rap, R&B, and pop music videos and concerts.


Contemporary focuses on versatility and improvisation and can combine jazz, ballet, modern and lyrical styles.


Locking is a style of funk dance that features fast movements that transition into freezes, or “locks.”You will learn how to use different fast arm and hand movements combined with relaxed and exaggerated hip and leg movements to dance to the rhythm of funk music.


Popping, also known as Electric Boogie, is an innovative style of hip-hop or funk dancing. Poppers achieve the dance style’s jerky or twitchy movements by continuously and rhythmically tensing and then relaxing muscles in the arms and legs. You will learn technique and choreography to improve your popping.


It is a spontaneous release from the people and translates everyday life experiences into movement. Based upon the spoken language, African dance is a source of communication through which it is possible to demonstrate emotions, beliefs, everyday life activities and other reactions through movement. Love, hatred, joy, sorrow, courage, fear, and all other emotions are expressed through rhythmic movements.

Tricycle Learning

From the SATs to College Prep, Freshman to Senior, at any academic level, Tricycle Learning assists students in navigating through High School successfully. We believe that mentorship is key in helping students achieve their goals, not intimidation.  We emphasize to students that they are not just an SAT score to prospective college admissions officers; each of them is talented and just needs some extra encouragement and guidance towards their academic success. Tricycle Learning helps students build a foundation to present themselves in the best light possible to college admissions officers, while affirming the importance of obtaining a solid education.

Kids Ballet

Classical ballet reached its height in 19th century Russia through the work of choreographers like Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov. It is characterized by the following elements: graceful, flowing movements, classical form: turn-out of the legs and pointe work, balance and symmetry.

90’s Hip Hop

Hip Hop originated on the streets and pooled moves from a a multitude of different genres. By the 90’s Hip Hop had officially become a wide-spread phenomenon due to the surge in popularity artists like “Puffy” and Wu Tang Clan had brought with them. Today some of the most conic 90’s Hip Hop moves consist of popping, locking, B-Boying and Uprock.


Ultimately, there really is no strict definition to what is hip-hop dance or house dance. House is flowing free or free expression, it’s about freeing yourself as a human. House is a feeling and a culture. It’s not something you put on in the club and take off when you leave. House has its pulse.

Basic Grooves 

Basic Grooves breaks down music and rhythm to help everyone from experienced dancers to absolute beginners find their own groove. This is a hands-on class where instructors works with students, leading them through exercises to explore movement and music, rather than teaching a choreographed dance.


Often known for its upbeat tone and high-pitched singers, this genre has evolved quite a bit since the heyday of anime in America, whose theme songs were unmistakable. J-Pop/K-pop; is a genre with an eccentric presentation has gone in a more eccentric direction. Filled with high energy music, moves and freedom of expression in a way that you may not have been able to realize otherwise.

BZ Brave

It’s a 1st of its’ kind, a Boogiezone created Class that is designed to exercise the well being of our students beyond dancing. BZ Brave is an open conversation that will lead students through discussing & sharing the varied diverse challenges of life as well as what inspires them. The goal is to provide an encouraging, safe, constructive environment that welcomes anyone to share in the conversation.

BZ Brave is a support system, where honesty, confidence, & integrity flourish all through what we share with our students and they share with us all in conversation.

Be Challenged

Be Brilliant

Be Inspired

Be You

…Be Brave

We don’t require that students share anything, or discuss any topic/subject which makes them adversely uncomfortable regarding their own personal safety.

(*DISCLAIMER -Boogiezone Utopia’s Faculty are not professional doctors regarding mental health. We ask that anyone participating always take the advisement of their physician as priority regarding their mental well-being.We are responsible to report to local authorities any act that could be disclosed as harmful to the student or to anyone associated therein.)

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  1. I am really interested in something like the Michael Jackson class, but I was wondering do you do a whole dance routine, I want to have something to look forward to in the end? I don’t like just learning a bunch of routines going nowhere.

    • Hi Shannon,

      Someone from our staff will contact you with to discuss this as well. Thanks for contacting us!

      Boogiezone Utopia

  2. Hi, I am 13 years old and do you know this girl from your building that is 12 years old named Charlize Glass i want to know what class she is i’m VERY interested in R&B hip-hop like the sone no flex zone (remix)

  3. I am interested in taking hip hop classes however I’m not sure which category I would fit under. I’ve taken dance classes for about 10 years but I was introduced to hip hop through a dancefit class almost a year ago.

  4. Hello. I am trying to find a studio for my friend and I to learn burlesque dancing. Does your studio provide that type of dance style? Thank you.

  5. I have danced all my life doing jazz, ballet, lyrical, hip hop, modern, etc from the age of 5 up until I was about 18. I am now going to be 29 this year and am eager to start slowly getting back into the basics and further challenge myself again as a fun hobby. Not sure where I would begin though? You’re studio sounds so fun! Any advice would be great so I can get started.

  6. Hi I would like to lose my weight and reduce fat by dancing. As well as learning to dance of course. I learned Ballet a little 2years ago. And I have taken Zumba classes before. Which class is good for me?

  7. Hi!

    I see you have waacking classes, but no specific levels. Are the waacking classes by Ijay fit for those who have never waacked before?

    Thank you!

  8. Hello
    My daughter is interesting in J pop and K pop dance class.
    When is your class?
    She is 13 years old next June.
    She has a dance experience about 10 years.
    Do you a try out class?

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