Director of Operations

Joey Cooper

Joey Cooper Joel “Joey” Cooper is a Graduate of Pierce College in Washington State. He has an Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies, & has worked in Administrations since Jan 2004, with Boogiezone Inc. & the Collegiate Nursing Industry.

As Director of Operations, Joey Cooper serves as the backbone to the facility. Tackling the varying needs to appointing personnel, organizing the Instructors Faculty, working with long & short renters & vendors, his capacity to assist with quality & urgency are his priorities…and always done with respect & care.

You will often see him working in the hospitality of the front desk, counting classes, answering phones, returning emails, all the way down to studio maintenance & up keep–he’s often everywhere. The pride in his work is to make certain the facility, & all Boogiezone stands for is upheld to it’s highest degree.

*Fun Fact*  “Joey” is a former member of the BZ Utopia Faculty having taught Hip Hop from BEG – ADV & his popular specialty class the “Jackson Power Hour” where students could come in and learn the original choreography in Michael & Janet’s amazing career catalog from 1970 – Present

Got additional questions? Feel free to email Joey at or call him at 310-320-4386.

Booking Manager


I started to volunteer at the YMCA at the age of 12 helping with the front desk. At the age of 13 I started to teach kids aerobics, also as a volunteer. I got Zumba Certified at the age of 17 and volunteered in several different YMCAs for seven years. I joined 24 Hour Fitness at the age of 19. Breaking record with the group x classes teaching Zumba, my classes became very popular with over 100 people per class. After working at several 24 Hour Fitness gyma for a year and a half, I decided to become an independent contractor. I began to teach at Veterans Complex Park in Carson CA. I rented their basketball court and always had a successful class with at least 150 attendees. I began to teach as an independent contractor in several cities, Long Beach, Lakewood, Downey, Norwalk, Wilmington, Compton, Torrance, Los Angeles, Culver City, Corona, and more for the next 6 years. None of this would be possible if I didn’t have the help from amazing mentors in my life.

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