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To Explore your Creativity.
Discover your Art.
Spark Your Passion.
Share Your Inspiration.


Boogiezone Utopia provides the ultimate creative playground and passion for the arts to bridge dreams to reality within the local and global community and beyond.


Nobody’s Perfect. But a true artist always strives for their personal best, constantly evolving. May every step you take bring you that much closer…welcome to our perfect imperfection. Boogiezone Utopia – Laboratory for the Creative Arts.


At Boogiezone Utopia, we encourage everyone to imagine what their ideal personal Utopian state of creative existence would be, and allow each to explore it further by not only providing the space, but the tools and the environment to help make dreams happen. Many dancers and artists have the vision to be exceptional, however, they do not have the resources to nurture it.


Boogiezone Utopia – Laboratory for the Creative Arts is a creative artists’ dream and a hungry students’ paradise. A social hotspot, where one can engage on a multitude of levels; fine tune their skills, gain inspiration, brainstorm ideas, and share their love and passion for all things creative. This takes place all within the confines of a building whose interior design and space will promote the same sort of energy it houses.


The Boogiezone States of Utopia is an ideological framework by which our facility has established its inner workings in order to perpetuate its longevity. These are not rules, but rather a formula set forward to ensure that our staff and clients experience Boogiezone Utopia as it was intended.

Emotional – Feeling is everything. Imagine a stimulating environment that is emotionally stable. A place that is ego and drama free, positive, supportive, and energized. The unique vibe alone will offer a sense of escape for any artist in the mood for inspirational euphoria.

Social – It’s about who you know. We strive to communalize the arts and entertainment industry, bridge aspiring and professional artists, proved opportunities for people to be exposed, encourage networking, build business connections, stimulate creative energy, and provide an environment that nurtures all of the above-mentioned topics. Our target social market includes all ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities, various levels of artists and industry professionals, high school and college students, and anyone who just wants to dance!

Intellectual – Personal enrichment. The intellectual purpose of BoogieZone Utopia is to inspire the uninspired, motivating even the most skilled in any field to further experiment, innovate, and produce at untapped and heightened levels of creativity. The faculty and staff will not only be experienced and knowledgeable, but will push the notion that everyone is a resource and that we can all learn something from one another.

Functional – Passion unites us all. The one thing we have in common is our passion and love for our art. The utopia will offer a nice collection of creative outlets for artists to fine tune their craft or explore a hidden talent.

Physical – Looks aren’t everything. But first impressions are important. An aesthetically pleasing space is conducive to achieving each of the previously mentioned states of Utopia. Our immediate environment and the mood it puts us in is key. Architecturally speaking, the Utopia will be well organized, hip, trendy, clean, stylish, and fun.

  • Boogiezone Boogiezone Boogiezone is known by thousands worldwide for offering a place where aspiring and professional dancers, choreographers, dance groups and their fans meet and get inspired.
  • Boogiezone Utopia Boogiezone Utopia The Boogiezone Utopia - Laboratory for the Creative Arts is truly a creative artists' dream and a hungry students' paradise.
  • Class Descriptions Class Descriptions The Boogiezone Utopia offers dance and fitness classes in different levels and a variety of genres every week. We're confident that you will find a class that you will love!
  • Instructors Instructors Our instructors are highly regarded professionals in the dance and entertainment industry. They will encourage, inspire and challenge you to become the best dancer that you can be.
  • Tour Tour Check out our facilities at The Boogiezone Utopia. The studio spaces can accommodate so much more than just dance classes.


Boogiezone serves and positively impacts the community through its dance classes and innovative programs. We believe that as a community, we can continue to educate and inspire people through dance and the creative arts. Boogiezone needs your support to help its physical location Boogiezone Utopia become THE center for passionate artists and students to gather, create and learn. We thank you in advance for being a part of this cause. Click the CONTRIBUTE button below to get more information.